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Archery Target Review

Gear Freak purchased several archery targets with the hopes of finding a good all around target for field tips, broad heads, day to day practice, and taking with you in the field to keep you on point and accurate. In reviewing and testing our archery targets Gear Freak wanted to figure out which target was going to stand up to broad head abuse the best. After spending some money on a nice target, I would dread shooting broadheads at it and watching it fall apart. So Gear Freak purchased the Cabela's Impact, The Block Classic, Rinehart 18-1, The Block Black B-16, McKenzie Shot Blocker, Cabela's Outfitter Broad head only target and the Morrell Yellow Jacket target. Now I know the Morrell and Cabela's Broad head target specifically state for broad head use only, so we figured we would see if they held up better than the ones that you can shoot anything at.

Target Review Specifics

For our Archery Target Review, Gear Freak purchased 7 targets from one of our all-time favorite places... Cabela's. We got the Block Classic, Block Black B-16, McKenzie shot blocker, Cabela's Impact, Rinehart 18-1, Cabela's Broad head only target, and the Yellow Jacket Broad head only target. These are the ones we decided to field test today. Now we were going to get the Cabela's shot blocker target, and the Black Hole target, but I noticed something. McKenzie's target looks identical to the Cabela's Shot blocker except for the color and Cabela's being $10 less. Same with the Black Hole and the Cabela's, Impact, same targets right down to the handles and targets, just different colors. If you check the tags, you can see they are made by the same companies as well. So if you have your heart set on the McKenzie or the Black Hole, you can save a few bucks and buy the Cabela's version.

So here is what we have going on. We shot for two days, with 5 to 7 guys each day. Day one…we started just with field tips for an hour or so, then moved over to broadhead's. The second day was a combination of both. We kept track of how many of each tip hit each target. Then at the end of the whole thing, we discussed which ones we liked the best, and why. We shot a variety of broad head, from Muzzy's, to G5's, Expandables, Bear's and others. We were going for center mass, trying to blow out that center part of the target.
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